Overview of the major manufacturers of headphones.

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    How to choose headphones?

    Sennheiser Headphones

    Today headphones - is more than just an accessory, which in the old days used to listening to music, do not disturb others. Today headphones are always at hand for those who have in-house television, computer, home theater or stereo system, as well as other modern devices and gadgets. Headphones with microphone used as a headset when using the phone or smartphone. They are ideal for those who prefer skype conversation.

    Widespread use of headphones got musicians, sound engineers and all those who work with sound - ideal for control of a music track. As you can see, the scope of the use of headphones is great enough. But if you arrive at an electronics store, most likely, a bit taken aback to see how various models presented on display at many different rates. And in fact, quite a few kinds of headphones. How do they differ and what is needed for you? Let's try to figure it out. Typically headphones are distinguished by several parameters. Consider the basic.

    Beats headphones


    By construction, the headphones are divided into overhead and full (so-called monitor), plug (in common - ear) and vacuum (youth calls them - gag). Are considered the most comfortable liners, in particular, can draw attention to Apple EarPods MD827ZM / A or one of the models Sennheiser - they are practically invisible in the ears. But they have one drawback that for this enhancement is very significant - these headphones do not provide perfect sound quality, as they have a fairly narrow frequency range.

    Better sound in the headphones can be achieved, if you purchase a classic version of the headphones - monitor. For example, one of the popular models - Beats Studio (2012), Sennheiser HD 215 II or Beats Mixr. They traditionally almost completely cover the ear and do not miss the other sounds. Their only drawback - high resolution. This means that it is not always convenient to take them with you, for example, on the road. In addition, these headphones are almost never used for easy communication in the smartphone or phone. But if you want to buy headphones exclusively for home, then perhaps it is ideal.

    Monster Headphones

    Another type of headphones - the latest and the most popular among young people - vacuum. Again the same can pay attention to one of the models or take Sennheiser headphones are more well-known companies - Philips SHE3590 or Sony MDR-EX10LP. In this case, provided the perfect touch of silicone earbuds headphones pinna, background noise is almost eliminated, and the sound quality of these headphones - just perfect. In addition, these headphones and most hygienic because inserts can be easily removed and rinse under running water.

    Mount Type.

    The second aspect is also very important when choosing headphones, this type of attachment. There headphones (again the same is more familiar, classic version) - with vertical bow headband or at the back, there are those who are attached to the ears, as well as co-channel, which are installed directly into the ear canal. In the first case, the vertical shackle connecting the two parts of the headphones ensures equal load on the head. It is recommended to use these headphones doctors if you quickly get tired and feel weak, especially towards the end of the working day.

    Sony Headphones

    Almost the same qualities and have headphones that are attached to the ears with a special clip. They can be used at maximum. What experts do not recommend if you prefer those headphones that using ear pads are placed directly in the ear canal. Doctors explain - in this case, the sound bypasses the ear and goes directly into the ear canal, which is then carried out an excessive load. And this is what can lead to a partial hearing loss or deafness, if you use these headphones for a long time. And it is important to consider when buying.

    A method for transmitting sound.

    Mode of transmission of sound headphones are both wired and wireless. In the first case is usually - from a source (TV, computer, phone, etc.), sound is transmitted via the wire. Wireless headphones, in turn, receive the signal via a wireless channel. Such a mechanism might be technology Bluetooth, radio or infrared. Of course, these headphones are more convenient and mobile, but it is important to remember that they often have a limited range, the attachment to the base and not always quality sound, especially when walking or if you are in the truck.

    This is perhaps the most important parameters for deciding to choose headphones. Hopefully, these tips will help you to give us something, and you are sure to make a decent choice.


    Headphones Beats Detox Limited Edition
    Beats Detox Limited Edition

    Headphones Monster iSport Immersion
    Monster iSport Immersion

    Headphones Sennheiser EP 01 (505964)
    Sennheiser EP 01 (505964)

    Headphones Sony MDR-ZX600
    Sony MDR-ZX600

    Headphones Philips SHS3200
    Philips SHS3200

    Headphones Apple MA850
    Apple MA850

    Razer Adaro Stereo Headphones
    Razer Adaro Stereo

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